• 2001

    MS Establishment

    MEDISQUARE Establishment

  • 2003


    Highly accepted Human Placenta Extract to Improve various symptoms of Menopausal Disorders and Revitalize

  • 2004

    GC Establishment

    GREENCOSKO Establishment

  • 2007


    Injectable long-term filler suitable for the correction of congenital and acquired soft tissue deficits of the face

  • 2008

    Transderm Ionto Split

    The Newest Needles Free Injection system for transdermal drug delivery and cleared by the US FDA as Alternative to injections

  • 2010


    Dermal filler carefully designed for injection into different dermal layers to support different aesthetic applications

  • 2011

    Sea Band

    Knitted Elasticated Wristband to provides Quick, Effective and Natural relief in Nausea and vomiting in Travel, Anaesthesia, Pregnancy, and Chemotherapy

  • 2012

    Naturgel / H7

    Naturgel France Silicone gel Breast implants to Serve the Health Improvement and Harmonious Bodies in Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery
    H7 Insomnia Control Studied, Tested and Patented for Aid in Treatment of Insomnia without drugs

  • 2014


    Homogeneous injectable hydrogel for deficit of soft tissues to allow a long lasting correction and a natural look

  • 2016


    The World's First Line of Fillers so close to Nature ensuring an unprecedented Purity and efficiency of Preparation